Our design philosophy is simple: we strive to create sites which are aesthetically appealing, easy to use, efficient (ie quick to download) and as accessible as possible. That is, even if someone is still using Netscape 1.1, they can still access the information on your site the same as the ultra-modern IE4 user. They might not see all the 'bells and whistles' a site may have, but they should always be able to access the information on a site. It makes sense - the more people that can see your site, the more people that are likely to become customers.

We create all our sites from the ground up, using only text editors. We feel that HTML editors, whilst useful in many circumstances, tend to impose certain style restrictions. Besides, we've always used text editors, because in 1993 when we started there were no HTML creators! However, we have grown with the web, and can provide sites with most modern web technologies: forms, JavaScript, RealAudio etc.

Curve Communications is a small company, but we have much experience of HTML and the web; we use that experience to create effective sites for other small firms and businesses who would like a web presence, but who don't have the resources or time to hire out a big design company. With your logo and a list of the services you provide, we can create and host your website in a very short period of time. We are completely flexible; tell us your requirements, and we'll do our best to satisfy them.